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TELEHAUS WETTER / VeFAR e.V. is a non profit association, founded in 1989. It links aims in the range of structural, employment and gender policy. Our main issues are to improve qualified employment in rural areas as well as to promote SME co-operation and marketing to boost competitiveness in the region and on the European level.

We promote the European strategy of gender mainstreaming and offer support for the gender mainstreaming implementation in educational and labour market oriented organizations.

TELEHAUS WETTER offers support, guidance and training in the fields of gender mainstreaming, flexible work organization and ICT comptence in SME.

Our current project MIT! - Make it accessible! is based on an innovative marketing approach targeting at increasing the performance and competitiveness of tourism enterprises by improving SMEs performance and human potential. In this way MIT! will contribute to improve access for senior citizens and people with handicaps to tourism and lifelong learning, to enhance quality of life and social inclusion. The project is funded with support from the European Commission (LLP, Leonardo da Vinci, 2009-2010).

TELEHAUS WETTER is networking on local, regional and national level as well as in European projects and thereby working within the framework of the following topics:
• Reintegration of Homebound People into Work (HORIZON)
• Implementing telework - Models of Industrial Relations in Telework Innovation, EUROPEAN COMMISSION DGXIII
   (Telematics Applications Programme)
• Telecooperation of Management Consultancies (ADAPT)
• Striking the Balance (LEONARDO)
• Face 2 Face - Potential and Limits of Interactive Telelearning systems Combined with Videoconferencing
• Entrepreneur - Developing Leadership and Management Capabilities through Innovative Methods (LEONARDO)
• Labour Office & Clients - Improving the Communication between Labour Office Advisers and their Clients
• MIT! - Make it accessible! Promote barrier-free travelling for senior citizens and people with handicaps through innovative marketing strategies based on awareness of specific requirements, needs and active interest in social inclusion (LEONARDO)

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Beratung und Training im Themenfeld von Gender Mainstreaming und Chancengleichheit

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